8 Reasons you should why engineering is best

8 Reasons you should why engineering is best

Engineering is not just about building stuff, it has to do more with optimization and discovering. There are many reasons for engineering is one of the best fields of studies.

Here are some of the reasons, why I engineering is still the best and why you should continue doing it. The list is based on my personal opinion and experience it may vary from person to person.

1. Fun

It’s fun, is it fun, yes, it is. Once you find something within your domain that you like, it’s fun. Just find out what you like within engineering.

2. Always more to learn

You’re never the smartest person in the room. There’s always someone smarter than you and always something that you can learn from someone else. The more you learn to more you get motivated to learn more.

3. New prospective

With engineering you start taking rational approach to life. I’m just very logical in all of my decision making, and so far, it’s worked out for me. And I really like that about myself, but that came about from like studying engineering. So as I studied more engineering, this sort of developed within me. So I’m sort of, I appreciate engineering for giving that to me.
I don’t let emotions influence my decisions. Just throughout all of the stress of doing like engineering projects, I have like suppressed my emotions.  I’m very critical of information that I receive. Most of the time, if I see something on Facebook or wherever else, like I won’t take the information given to me at face value. Like a lot of the time, I wanna see date behind it. I think it’s important to be able to pull from different sources and develop your own opinion on subjects instead of just like listening to what other people are saying.

4. Efficiency

I’ve become super efficient at everything I do. you’ll be able to efficiently plan your time, getting things done efficiently, but also planning things so that they can be done efficiently. Like i said before engineering is about optimization.

5. Self motivation

8 Reasons you should why engineering is best

With time you’ll stop giving up on small things, you’ll start finding the root of any problem. But like even when my friends are having like problems with, I don’t know, family or personal issues, I feel like a psychologist sometimes. Like I’m able to like figure out why are they feeling this way? Why are they acting this way? I don’t know, like it’s weird, but I think that’s due to engineering. Maybe I just think everything is due to engineering, but I wasn’t like this before I went into undergrad and now I’m pretty much an emotional guru. Maybe that’s because I don’t have emotions, and I’m trying to figure out why other people have emotions.

6. More focused

I don’t overthink things too much. I think that’s like a great skill to have. Engineering has allowed me to not overthink things and generally just not care about anything.

7. Versatility

Engineering is versatile. Like not only are there different fields of engineering, like civil, mechanical, electrical, chemical, but with each one of those fields, there are so many different domains. Like mechanical, I can’t even begin to explain mechanical, like there’s robotics. it’s just so broad. There’s definitely something everyone can find that they like.

8. Problem solving

You can actually apply math and physics actually get to be applied to real life problems, isn’t that great? Like you thought you wouldn’t need any of that math or physics in high school, and I’m here to tell you that you’re gonna need it.
Also, you don’t just do work that you really like, but you also do really meaningful work. I just find that like with engineering solutions, you’re actually doing them for like a real world purpose, and I really like that.

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