How to fix HTTP 500-599 errors in Bing webmaster tools

If you’re getting this error then you may have noticed your site ranking in Bing has been dropped to 0. Like in the picture below. But if your website is working fine on google search console then there is some problem with your cloudflare firewall.

After scanning the site for SEO it shows HTTP 500-599 errors.

What is the problem

If you’re using Cloudflare to protect your site from unnecessary bots then there is a high possibility that cloudflare is treating Bingbot as a threat to your website. This usually happen on the site which are not well established.

On searching for your website with your website address on Bing it shows some results have been removed.

Also in many cases the images from your website may be shown on Bing this reason is that, the image links are easier to fetch then the content of a webpage which is not computable for the crawler.

If you’re not using Cloudflare on your website and still getting this error then there is guidelines on how a crawled webpage must be done for the crawl to be successful. Without a successful crawl there is no page result in the bing search as the side is not indexed.
Please adhere to the webmaster guidelines to make your site crawlable.

How to fix this problem

Go to cloudflare dashboard and sign in to your account and follow the steps.

1. Select firewall

Then select Bots option

2. Disable the bot Fight Mode.

Bot fight mode disabled


Now go to your bing webmaster tools and scan your website again. You will see HTTP 500-599 errors is removed and all the pages are scanned. These errors are related to structure of your website.

Now it may take form 2-7 days for your website to be back on bing.

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