How to get into Tech consulting as a fresher

How to get into Tech consulting as a fresher

In tech industry, consulting play significantly important role. It could be digital strategy, it could be how to optimize your business with technology there’s so many ways you can go about it this is really more on the managerial side on exactly how to use technology to kind of leverage your business and What kind of work that you can expect at a consulting firm.

What is Tech Consulting

Tech consulting is an intersection between the subset of technology and business. It has a lot of sub-categories, but these three are the popular once:-


It’s like, what corporate strategy could the company or client implement that involves tech for example, it could be digital transformations, E-commerce or moving on to a whole different platform, so that is considered as tech-strategy.

2.Software implementations

It essentially means to implement software like Oracle, SAP, etc to clients as Oracle, SAP for making their software good. For that, co-clients would just be hiring consultants to do this because their IT department cannot do this on their own as they might not have the expertise or the certifications.

How to get into Tech consulting as a fresher

Some companies do hire internal consultants for this, but usually hire consulting companies, specifically on this software implementation.


When the client has a project of their own, but they again don’t have the actual capacity to work with it, so they hire freelancer or consulting company to do this for them. Hiring someone from the outside to do work for you consultants are almost like contractors where you’re part of a consulting company, but you’re not hired into the client itself.

You have to be expert in your own field or be a part of a consulting company in simple words, you either specialize in an industry or skill. If you want to get in to tech consulting, having some kind of certification or experience really helps.

Reasons to become a Tech consultant

There can be a lot of reason for you to get into consulting like you’re really interested in becoming one. Also, with consulting you won’t be pigeonholing yourself with one industry one client or one project, you can move all over the place with whatever your consulting company can offer what. Also, there is going to be a lot of travel and meeting a lot of people like consulting for this reason because you can travel a lot more that’s how consulting really works is that you have a client you have an objective and a project that you have there’s a project timeline they do have project stages depending on what, how your project is going to be like.

In most technology consulting projects there’s going to be a designs prototype testing session and a deploying session depending on where you are you can actually be on site a lot more, or you may be on site the entire time depending on the client if they have the budget what are the skills needed for tech consulting or are you in consulting in general.

Skills required to become a Tech Consultant

How to get into Tech consulting as a fresher

First and important one is you need to have those people and relationship skills. It’s important because you can be great at your job, but if you can’t communicate to the client and you and they don’t like you then you’re going to struggle a lot because they need to be able to trust you to really rely on you for the project itself it doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be within your team management and working within a team is very important, but you need to also be able to hold good relationships with your client.
You also need to be able to think on your own, so if you are on site, and you’re going to be writing for the client you can’t always have the answers you will have to probably be asking a lot of questions about it.
You need to be data-driven leader team player future forward communication and problem-solving and professionalism to summarize to because if you can’t meet the expectations then they will not trust you and think that you don’t know anything and they’re paying you so much and billing you so much for very little value.
One also need flexibility creativity you need to be someone that they can trust, but also be very flexible because you will never know how the situation will be that the project can go really badly the project can go really well, but you always need to be prepared if you’re not prepared then at least be flexible and think on your feet to really see how you can provide value to the best of your ability.

If you’re going to many industries with many clients different types of projects you’ll have a lot of skills and experience from each of them either working in those industries or working with specific people, but also in general you have a better sense of like what industries you may be falling with or maybe like what work you like to do.

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