How to Host WordPress website with InfinityFree for Free

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IMPORTANT: Free hosting is unreliable, risky and is not recommended for professional or personal use you can use it for educational purpose. Use it on your own risk.

You can use free hosting for :-

If you’re beginner and want to try hosting a website just for exposure or educational purpose like how ftp work and basics of CMS, and you don’t want to pay for it. Free hosting is probably the best option for you.

How to use InfinityFree hosting

Infinity Free provides free and premium hosting. For using there Free web-hosting go to and click on client area on top right corner.

Step 1:-

Sign up for infinity free

Step 2:-

Select accounts

After that use any username and and click on manage

The a new window will appear with your details like username and password for ftp by which you can remotely edit and access your files. For now we’ll focus on WordPress installation.
Click on control Panel to open Cpannel.

Step 3:-

Search for ‘softaculous’

You’ll see lot of apps from which you need to search for softaculous and open it.

Step 4:-

Select WordPress

You’ll see a lot of scripts or CMS select the one you want to install in our case we are going to install WordPress.

Step 5:-

Click Install

Step 6:-

Choose the directory and install

Coose the directory in which you want to install the WordPress. Leave blank to set default root directory.

Set admin username and password along with your email address.

scroll down and click install

WordPress will start installing wait for 3-4 minutes and don’t switch page because in some cases installation may abort.

Step 7:-

Click on administrative URL and edit you website

this will redirect you to admin panel of WordPress

Select on post and add new to add new post

Click on customize if you want to change the theme of website.

NOTE: If you use more resources then you’re provided your website will be down for next 24 hrs, after 24 hrs you can access it again.

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