Snap is package distribution on Linux unlike apt in which we’ve to download the software from their official repository, in snap we software are installed from one distribution system.

How snap is different from apt

Apt is usually maintained and distributed by professionals and used while keeping user experience and security in mind and the code is often inspected very often for vulnerabilities. Where as snap can be used by both professional and amateurs. Apt are usually faster and execute quickly on low end devices.

How to install snap

Snap are supported in various distributions include Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Arch Linux and Linux Mint.

Install snap

Here we will install telegram from snap

sudo snap install telegram-desktop
Setup snap "snapd" (12398) security profiles                                   /

2021-07-16T05:25:30+05:30 INFO Waiting for automatic snapd restart...
telegram-desktop 2.8.4-2-gc22d7ffcf from Telegram FZ-LLC (telegram.desktop) installed

Note: If you get error sudo: snap: command not found you can solve it by installing apt of snapd.

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