How to prevent DDoS attack basic and advance method

How to prevent DDoS attack basic and advance method

It’s just become so easy to DDoS now even people with no technical knowledge are able to do it as it’s completely blown out of proportion. It can cause huge damage to your resources, which may result in bad user experience. These days DDoS are common on gaming consoles but the way to prevent these are not always too difficult.

What is DDoS attack or distributed denial-of-service

It’s a cyberattack that hits critical systems to affect connectivity or network service leading to a denial of service for the users, it uses the processing power of numerous infected devices to target a single system.

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There are two very common types of DDoS attacks Volumetric attacks, it overwhelms the bandwidth of the network with numerous of false requests on every open port this prevents legitimate requests to get through it’s the most common form of DDoS attack.

Application-layer attacks, these are done on applications that users interact with and are usually targeted to attack the web traffic directly by striking the HTTP SMTP protocols.
This attack is usually hard to troubleshoot protocol attacks the network parts used for connection verification is targeted by sending malformed and slow pings intentionally to make the network consume a lot of memory to verify such pings in a certain scenario the hackers may employ all three types at once to crash.

Effective ways to prevent DDoS attack


The measures you can take to prevent DDoS attack is to have a DDoS plan have a plan for a thorough security assessment this will help you in finding out the possibility of threats and vulnerabilities in your organisation along with defining a reaction plan about a DDoS attack.

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The measures are:

1. For preventing DDoS on gaming consoles or local network using, VPN is the simple and effective option.
For this need to analyse how people are getting your IP address, that way you prevent somebody from getting your IP address because they cannot DDoS you without your IP address.

People generally will try and get your IP address from your PC or from your console through some apps or games or by using network monitoring software.
With gaming consoles you know if you’re just being in the game with somebody and they’re not playing fair and then suddenly they want to invite you to a party or a private chat it usually means they’re trying to get your IP address so be careful about it as you don’t know these random people why they’re inviting you to private chats and parties and whatever the equivalent is on PlayStation etc.

The easiest way to deal with this is to get an VPN, but many people don’t like VPN as it keeps on disconnecting sometimes and are not very reliable even the paid once atlease for gaming. Virtual Private Network temporarily change your IP address with means also your geolocaiton even if they try to practice DDoS you can simply change your location which means switch to another IP.

2. For a bit advance level you can protect your network install necessary apps and tools to protect your network infrastructure and applications threat monitoring systems.
Tools like firewalls antivirus and e malware programs and network monitoring software can help you keep track of your network traffic and set up alerts during threat detection define a specific team employ a well-defined team for network administration as well as datacenters everyone in the team should be aware of their roles and responsibilities an escalation of the threat ladder should be framed along with internal and external contacts to seek help from update everything.

3. Regularly update your systems and networks regularly to fix any bugs or issues in case of a DDoS attack it is very difficult to mitigate it after the attack hence detecting threats in advance is the only best option in today’s digital era many threats and vulnerabilities are involved as much as the perks we enjoy from networks and connectivity hence it is advisable to protect your data systems.

4. Issues like getting legitimate users can be solved with policy deviation or dynamic attack patterning.


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