How to use your phone as a Webcam for video Calling

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With the increase in people working from home, specially employees and students. Lots of hardware and software are used to make the work easy and productive. In which webcam is among the of most used hardware.

In many of cases the laptop have a bad quality camera, or don’t work properly, or perhaps you just want to upgrade it.

Most of the people don’t know that we can actually use our phone as a webcam! After this tutorial, you’ll be able to use your phone as a webcam in Linux and Windows for free. One of the best parts is that you’ll also be able to use your phone as a microphone at the same time. This tutorial works well with a lot of apps, including zoom.

Step 1:- First we need to download a DroidCam app which you can get on Play Store and App Store.

Go to settings > developer options > enable USB Debugging if you want to connect your mobile via USB.
You can also connect your device over your local Wi-Fi.

Step 2:- Go to DroidCam website, chose your OS which is installed in your PC.

If you use windows, you can simply download the EXE file and install it. For Linux users, follow the following steps:-

Open the terminal, enter the following commands to download

cd /tmp/

wget -O

unzip -d droidcam

cd droidcam && sudo ./install-client

screenshots are given below

After installing run command droidcam to run the application.

Step 3. Set up DroidCam Client by choosing the connectivity option.

If you’re using USB option you’ll get a prompt in your phone to Allow USB debugging select ok, this method is recommended if you’re using it for streaming or gaming.
If you’re connecting over Wi-Fi/LAN, you need to enter your IP address as shown below.

Select connect from DroidCam client

You’ve successfully connected your mobile as webcam.

DroidCam comes with a lot of features like many features of connectivity, Interface is Simple, safe, efficient.

You may go for their DroidCamX Pro which comes with more features like Camera controls, Rotate, Flip & Mirror.

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