How to view YouTube profile picture/Avatar in high resolution

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Sometimes we need to view some detailed logo or picture of some YouTube channel. This can be done by simply opening the image in new tab by right-clicking and selecting open image in new tab option, but the image is of 88×88 res which is small and zooming it destroys it quality. In this tutorial, you learn how you can view YouTube profile pictures in high resolution easily.

In this tutorial, I have talked about both the cases in mobile as well desktop.

Follow the given steps to view and save the picture.

You can also use our free online tool YouTube profile picture viewer to view profile pictures in high resolution!

How to view channel Avatar in Desktop

Step 1: Open the channel page and right-click on the profile picture.

Step 2: click on open image in new tab. This will show the image, but still small size and low resolution.

Step 3: Edit the url, replace s88 with s1024 or s2048 if you want max resolution image. In this case, we’ll change the url.
These are just different sizes you can your other like s400, s800 whatever is most relevant to you.

Step 4: This will change the resolution to 1024 now press Ctrl + S to save it as a .jpeg file.

Now you can save the image with the name of your choice

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How to view channel Avatar in Mobile

Step 1: Open YouTube app and open the channel and click on three dots and tap on share, this will copy the channel link to your clipboard.
Copy the channel link and paste in browser in your mobile and tap and hold the image, and click on share image then click copy to clipboard.

Step 2: Open the copied link since this is mobile its screen resolution is different from desktop so in this case edit the link and replace s100 with s1024 again you can use other numbers also. Here you have it!

Long press the image and click save option to save it.

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