Is CompTIA security+ still relevant in 2021?

Is CompTIA security+ still relevant in 2021?

The CompTIA security+ certification is popular amongst those who desire to enter into the IT security field but is the security+ certification enough to land an IT security position?

Though security+ is an entry level certification which means, it’s not overly complicated still its more of a security focused.
It is still a very good idea to have because in the security+ certification we talk about things like social engineering, about physical security, about wireless security, about how encryption works with some of our web-based transactions, etc. One of the good things about this is that it is not only multiple choice based, it’s also performance based which can be helpful in jobs to show that you can actually do the job. The bureau of labour statistics projects that the demand for IT professionals will only increase in the upcoming year one of the most popular entry-level IT security certifications is the CompTIA security+. The exam for security+ covers several objectives including threats attacks and vulnerabilities architecture and design operations and incident response.

The table below lists the domains measured by this examination and the extent to which they are represented:

Threats, Attacks and Vulnerabilities21%
Technologies and Tools22%
Architecture and Design15%
Identity and Access Management16%
Risk Management14%
Cryptography and PKI12%

What to expect after passing security+

On successfully passing the CompTIA security+ exam indicates to a future employer that you have a basic understanding of cyber security principles and devices possessing the CompTIA security+ certification increases your chances of landing an interview for it security position, but it may not be enough in order to actually land the job it is important to consider the interview process as an extension of the exam preparation process it is beneficial to continue reviewing the topics covered in the CompTIA security+ exam while applying for job positions and preparing for interviews paying special attention on port numbers and acronyms such as IDS and IPS which stands for ‘Intrusion detection systems’ and ‘Intuition prevention systems’.

There are so many acronyms and jargon which is used in the IT field that is worth learning, learning these acronyms and imprinting them to memory other topics that will also be addressed during the interview include the difference between TCP and UDP, and  questions like steps to the TCP three-way handshake, http response codes and commands such as Traceroute for windows and for mac.

Also getting a job on basis of security+ also depends on you location.

It would also come handy to become familiar with several analytical tools which are used in the IT security field such as Map wireshark and TCP meltdown, become familiar with these analytical tools through hands-on experimentation at home reviewing these topics, and becoming familiar with open source analytical tools will only increase your chances in landing that IT security job position.


You may feel overwhelmed at the fact that you have to continue studying and continue practicing before you even get a job. In IT field there is always something new to learn there is always a new application or protocol to learn which will make you feel progressing.

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