The Problem with Cloud Computing

With cloud computing all the work is being done is done on cloud with is a server or farm of servers depending on the company that deploying it.

In cloud computing you have client machine you’re sending/uploading information to server with is doing computing or storing data and giving back the data.

So its quite useful and also it doesn’t matter which OS you’re working on because all the application are working on your browser. Which is fairly good as we don’t need higher end systems to do cloud computing.

Problems with cloud

The Problem with Cloud Computing

Slow internet speed make it almost worthless in some cases

If you live in a place where its not possible to get high speed internet at the moment. It will be hard to send your data to distance server or cloud at the first place and downloading the processed data is a different story.

also satellite internet don’t help all the time as it’s quite unstable depending on some factors like weather or air traffic etc.

Privacy is terribly compromised

When it comes to cloud computing as the servers and the application we run on them aren’t open source so its hard to determine how the data is being handled also.

Companies can sell the uploaded data to make profit or use it to improve there own systems.

Though some companies like mega encrypt your data.

The Problem with Cloud Computing

Not so Cost effective

Cloud computing can have different pricing depending on the needs or the user but can’t cost a lot in long run from 100$ per/hr to 500$ and beyond.

Also if you don’t pay on time you may not get access to your own data.

It may become problem in the times of need.

On the bright side most cloud computing companies provide flexible billing.

The Problem with Cloud Computing

Program may crash or server may not respond some times

As there are multiple requests send on server the same time it may result in crash although data is auto-saved now a days but still cause inconvenience.

Not much trustworthy

As the data is not with you its stored on cloud storage it may get lost in case of some disaster in server farms or company may run out of business or some careless handling etc.


It is generally advice to store data on multiple platform as it can be helpful but if you can’t compromise with above factors you may consider to upgrade your local system as it will work for your all the local programs without the risk of privacy breach. If you want to add more to this or have a question comment below.

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