What is DNS and what are different types of DNS

What is DNS and what are different types of DNS

Domain Name Server is a server which stores IP addresses mapped with there respective domains like apttutorials.com, google.com etc.

DNS converts domain name with its IP address which further helps to communicate on internet.

What is DNS and what are different types of DNS

It do not required people to remember those numeric IP addresses like Now people just need to remember their domain names which are easy to memories.

Types of domain names

There are different types of domain names used for specific purpose and authentic. For example the domain ending with .gov or .gov.in etc can be trusted and genuine government websites.

There are 5 types of domain names:-

  1. TLDs(Top Level Domains)
  2. ccTLDs(country code Top Level Domains)
  3. gTLDs(generic Top Level Domains)
  4. Second Level domains
  5. Third Level domains

These are differed by there domain extensions like .com .net etc for TLDs, .in .us .cn etc for ccTLDs, .edu for gTLDs, .co.uk .gov.uk etc for Second Level domains and .blogspot.com .wixsite.com etc for Third Level domains.

Domains can be registered with lot of different domain registrars like name.com, hostinger.com, godaddy.com etc.

Domains names on internet are managed by ICANN which stands for Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. ICANN have the records that which domains and domains extensions are available for registrations. ICANN have database of domains names and which locations they point to.

Usually while choosing a new domain go for something that is easy to remember.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is DNS and what are different types of DNS

Can I register domain name for free?

Yes, Freenom.com provides some TLDs like .ml, .tk, .gq, etc for free but these domains don’t have much features like that in .com, .org etc.

Also you can get Third level domains easily for blogs, etc.

What is a good domain name?

Any name as long as it is easy to remember by your community or customers is consider to be good domain.

Can I register my own domain extension?

Yes, You can register your own domain extension with ICANN it requires around $500k(depends on usability)and extension should not be inappropriate.

Can my domain name get hacked?

Yes, In some case your domain can be hacked with carelessness or fishing attacks etc. You can protect your domain with limiting the access or use cloudflare to hide it on DNS lookup.

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