What to expect when working for a Tech startup

What to expect when working for a Tech startup

There are different types of tech startups and not all are equal. Startups can give you a interesting and relax atmosphere. But it comes a downside of not having any reporting structure like how to be more productive.

Generally, people join startups after graduating with a bachelors degree or your time in collage. It’s quite easy to join a startup, as startups are good for a lot of people for one simple reason: The barrier to entry is extremely low and they are easy to join, application process is easier then applying to companies. A lot of people can’t take it well enough to just jump into one of the big companies but a startup is so much easier to get into.

What to expect after joining a tech startup

First thing you need to know is most people are bad at programming even people that graduated fancy CS degrees, bootcamps etc. Also, the people taking interview generally lack knowledge about certain frameworks and tools and often hire wrong people. 

Initially unlike joining a well established companies you won’t have much problem in communicating as there are less people and everyone know who does what. The very common problem you may face is that it’s really hard to map a career in startups and things as unorganized and mismanaged most of the times.

Salary in startup

When it comes the salary, and some privileges like health insurance, usually bigger companies will have a upper hand and bigger companies also offer bonus and raise to cover the inflation but these things can often be skipped if you’re working in a startup. The salary will be reasonable for what value you provide and majority of profit will go in reinvesting in startup which may cut pay for some. Also the salary will not be stable you can expect lot of spikes in graph. If you are looking for a stable income source, startups may not be a good idea for you.

Opportunities and Responsibilities in a Tech startup

What to expect when working for a Tech startup

You can learn a lot and get a wide range of responsibility  in short period of time. Usually you need to get your work done and spend the rest of the time consuming as much stuff you’re interested in as possible, get your name on some opensource projects etc. There are lot of learning opportunities and also you’ll be meeting new people and building network, which is rare in big companies as most of your time is spent on working on one project.

In startups mostly tech startup, you can also do thing you’re interested in outside of your immediate responsibility like working on a completely new framework or designing. You can take initiative like product managing , you get more freedom of things you can do.

Down side is sometime you don’t know if you are doing things are right as there is lack of mentor ship and team is small, which makes it hard to take input and suggestions.

Why you should not join a tech startup

  • Unpaid overtime is an unspoken requirement.
  • Training is non-existent – you learn on the job or die.
  • Every problem is placed on a scapegoat employee(s), despite a lack of processes/resources.
  • They promise you perks when they hire you, & you’ll never get them.
  • Having to pay for things yourself, because they’re cheapskates.
  • Getting work emails & texts, outside of work hours creeps up on you.

Working on your own startup and conclusion

If you want to have a startup on day then its good to start by working at one, this way you can what you like and what you don’t like. You can take that knowledge and experience. Also, you get to know the type of people you need in your team also opportunity to network.

If your startup is at very early stage there will be no establish culture or values there’s won’t be any clear guidelines in terms and expectations and instruction. start up have high risk and high and high reward.

If you are the right person at the right place, a right startup might be able to give you much success then a big company.

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