Why InfinityFree is the best free web hosting platform

Why InfinityFree is the best free web hosting platform

InfinityFree is a free website hosting platform, dedicated to providing reliable free hosting services.

Choosing a web hosting platform as a beginner can be hard as they probably don’t exactly know what they want or what there business want going for a free web hosting as for professional use is generally not advised but for educational purpose or trial one can always go for free hosting.

There are lot of free hosting providers with Infinityfree and 000webhost being on the top of there list as they are easy to use and comes with lot of tools. For comparison between Infinityfree and 000webhost visit:-

Why only InfintyFree for free hosing ?

One of the top reason being the amount of features it provides and also comes with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space unlimited MySQL database and unlimited subdomain!

It also comes with free SSL(secure sockets layer) which makes a website more authentic and trustworthy as it encrypt the data.

FTP account

It comes with dedicated ftp account by which you can edit or update your files available on your website. It also comes with directory privacy which prevents your site from potential hackers.

You can also create backups on regular basis. Backups are not automatic your need to create them manually.

Why InfinityFree is the best free web hosting platform

One click WordPress installation

Why InfinityFree is the best free web hosting platform

As WordPress makes 23% of the web which is constantly increasing. As it proved all types of websites from simple hello world to blogs to business website. The top features of using WordPress are:-

  1. Simplicity
  2. Big and helpful community
  3. Tons of plugins
  4. Easy to use themes
  5. Optimised for search engines
  6. regular updates

Features packed Cpannel

InfinityGree cpannel provides lot of features even the the premium once like creating webmail and email accounts. In terms of security it provides free SSL certificate and IP blocker all for free! For support there is forum support to help with your problems which is quite active.

Downsides of using InfinityFree hosting

Why InfinityFree is the best free web hosting platform

Regardless of them providing lot of features for free InfinityFree have its cons like slow server response even though their up-time is 99% .

It provides very limited resources which may result in website crash when there are more people on your website still better then other free hosting providers.

It have very less Innodes once you use them completely you wont be able to make changes to your website.

Also it have limit of daily hits of 50000 which means if your website have 4 pictures and one video and some font it will combine as 6 hit so every time a user visits your website 6 hits are used.

Also lot of things are hidden which is available if you buy the premium like CPU usage.

In case you exploit any of these limited resources your website will be down for 1 day.

How Infinityfree make money?

Infinityfree shows ads also through affiliate marketing with hosting sites like Ifastnet.


Everything have its own pros and cons as InfinityFree is providing free hosting and few unlimited resources one can’t and shouldn’t complain about it. It can be utilized for education purpose in its best case.

Also this isn’t any sponsored post it is based on research and experience.

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