Why you should buy Chromebook

Why you should buy Chromebook

Chromebook is a laptop which runs Chrome OS instead of traditional windows or Mac OS. Chrome OS is designed by google. According to google Chrome OS is fast, easy to use and secure Operating system. They provide all the basic inbuilt features of a laptop like Bluetooth, WI-FI, etc

Chromebooks became very popular in last few years as they are cheaper, faster and lightweight which provides a good battery life. A lot of people have few questions regarding Chromebook as it is something new for them.
Note: Chrome OS is made by google but Chromebook is made by a variety of manufacturers like HP, Samsung, etc.

Is Chromebook easy to use

Chrome OS(Chromebook’s Operating system) is designed to be simple and easy to use for all type of people. A lot of Chromebook also provide accessibility which allows ease of use even for disabled or colour bind people.
The Chrome OS is as simple as using an android smartphone.
There are lot of customization options which you may find resourceful.

Can I attend online meetings with Chromebook

Chrome Book offers google Meet as their default video calling application but you can use other apps like ZOOM, Microsoft Teams, etc.
The quality of Video calls depends on your Chromebook’s specifications.

Pricing of Chromebook

Chromebooks start from as low price as 200$ but in just 500$-600$ you may get the best Chromebook. Most Chrome books cost between 300$ to 500$. The price depends on a few factors like brand, specifications, availability, etc.

Is 4 GB RAM/Memory enough for a Chromebook

Why you should buy Chromebook

It totally depends because Chromebook is for basic tasks like media consumption, web surfing, YouTube, Office etc. For all those task 4 GB RAM is more then enough. The Purpose of RAM is multitasking the more the RAM the more applications you can open.

With 4 GB RAM you can easily do video conferencing, web surfing, YouTube, emails, etc. Also, the chrome OS is lighter then windows so it won’t be using a lot of resources.
A few of the Chromebooks come with expandable RAM support through which you can expand your RAM to 8-16 GB, which is something you may consider before buying.

Can you run android apps on Chromebook

Yes but not all of them specially which are just made for mobile arm architecture. In past few years a lot of apps started to support on Chromebook.

Check out more information, screenshots and UI, in Chromebook.

Linux apps on Chromebook

Chromebook also support Linux apps but you need to enable it from Settings<Developer options.
So if you’re a developer or coder you may even download Linux apps like VS-Code, Vim, and other apps.

Can you game on Chromebook

No, you can’t play PC games on Chromebook as they are for windows. You might be able to play a handful of android games as a majority of them are not supported or optimised for Chromebook. You may use ‘GeForce NOW’ which is a Cloud Gaming service by NVIDIA by which you can basically play games on your browser but it need a stable internet connection.

Also as you can run Linux apps you might be able to play Linux games like Bombsquad or Tux cart race.

Reasons to buy Chromebook over windows

There are few reasons to buy Chromebook over windows :-

  • Battery life: Battery life is just amazing in Chromebooks when you compare them with windows laptops. It may even give you a full day backup with light tasks
  • Cost effective: Chromebooks are relatively cheap as the OS itself required less resources and you don’t have to buy Chrome OS like in Windows. Some Chromebooks may even start from just 250$.
  • Faster: Chromebooks are faster then normal mid-range laptops as the OS is very snappy. You may not encounter lag while doing work.

Their are few more reasons but these are the most prominent ones.

Can you run Microsoft office on Chromebook

Yes, you will be able to run Microsoft Office on Chromebook. There are two ways, one you can use the Office web version from browser or you may just download it form play store. You may use your Microsoft Account to access your exiting files.


Even is you’re not a tech person you can go for Chromebook but in the end it all converge on what you want. If you’re looking for basic task then the Chromebook can be a optimal choice.

If you have any query or Tip about Chromebook please comment.

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